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We can customize high-quality Hang Tag String for your Clothing Tags, Garments, Gloves, Hats, Jewelry Tags, Shoes, Bags Tag, Cosmetics, Plastic, Bottles, Boxes and Liquor, Towel Products, Watch, Home Textiles etc.

Hang Tag String usage

How to Put Your Idea to a Product?

What can we sale?

What About the Shape and Color Can Choose?

Custom Shape & Size

We have advanced technology which can customize the arbitrary shape, Hang Tag String, such as Square, Round, Rectangle, Oval, Shield, Cylinder Shape Hang Tag String. According to your needs, we can make Heart Shaped Hang Tag String, Star Hang Tag String, or even creative cartoon Hang Tag String, Brand logo Hang Tag String, Cute animal Shape Hang Tag String, Plant Hang Tag String etc.

Hang Tag String shape
Custom Color

Follow PMS Color Chart

Hang Tag String Color Chart

Can I Have More Styles and More Color?


How About the Produce Details?


Logo Part: Normally is PU / PVC / ABS, Metal or Aluminum

String: Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, Elastic, Wax string.
Tag string is a common and cost-effective way to attach your tags. It usually involves tying elastic or cotton string through a hole in the tag. There are many ways to go about stringing your tags and choosing the right one can be critical in completing your project. We can also provide hang tag elastic string,hang tag nylon string,hang tag plastic string,hang tag string snap lock.

Hang Tag String Material


We used Offset Printing(Germany Heidebao Printing Machine), Screen Printing, Offset CMYK Printing, UV, Gold / Silver Hot Stamping, Gloss, Matte Lamination, Gloss Lamination etc. DOYLabel makes a large number of Hang Tag strings for customers in UK, Australia, USA, Mumbai, India, Malaysia and other countries.DOYLabel is a global Hang Tag String supplier.  You custom Gold Foil, Siver foil, metal engraved, plating logo, epoxy surface, two layers, three layers, aluminum tag string at


Hang Tag String Packing

Can I Have Some Sample?


How About the Produce Process?

We supply No Logo General style, Metal Logo Style, Ribbon String, Bullet Style.S ingle Normal Style, Two Layers, Three Layers, Epoxy, Aluminium etc.G et custom hang tag stringing for your printed hangtags. Strings come in both cotton and elastic materials in a variety of colors, thicknesses and lengths.

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